You are terrific!!! Fabulous customer service!!
Eileen S. - Connecticut, USA on 10/13/2017 5
Elli, items have been received; pleasure dealing with you.
Lawrence B. - Malta on 09/04/2017 5
Great item and transaction, exactly as described, prompt service A1 professional.
Terry S. - Ontario on 08/30/2017 5
You know, in today's business world of big companies, automated or scripted responses, it is refreshing to deal one-on-one fairly with folks such as yourself who really care. As a 70+ year old from the old school of your word is as good as a handshake which in turn is as good as a legal document - which in the end is your reputation, your actions renew my continued belief that one-on-one fair dealing is not lost in today’s world of conglomerates where profit at all costs is the end all.

Continued success in your future . . . . I do hope, at some time, to do more business with you . . .
Dave T. - British Columbia on 08/03/2017 5
Elli, Postal Service minus 10! Elli plus 15!! Great site, understanding supplier. Prompt solution to the problem at your additional cost. Recommend very strongly and will definitely use again.
Ian Allom - Australia on 07/27/2017 5
Thank you for your wonderful customer service.
Mitch N. - California on 03/24/2017 5
Excellent customer service! I am grateful for the extra refill and thus far am very happy with my experience with Authentic Expressions. I know this is a small order but I really appreciate your attention to detail regarding my order. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will recommend Authentic Expressions any chance I get.
A. Lohmeyer, WA on 03/24/2017 5
Thank you for a beautiful pen. I am guessing it won't be the last.
H. Frost, Germany on 03/07/2017 5
Thank you, Elli. As always, your customer service is the very best.

Neil Q. - Edmonton on 03/02/2017 5
Thanks for providing such a collective & informative website for the writing supplies. I bought my Elysee Fountain Pen Set in early 1987. Didn't use it for over 20 years. When I wanted to use it again, I couldn't find any refill at Staples. Gladly, you have it and with varieties. You helped to make my Elysee life again. Thanks very much.
Sherman in BC on 02/27/2017 5
Order arrived today. Thank you for the other little pen. Very cool. Thank you again for the excellent customer service. Will recommend to others who ask.
Clayton G. - Australia on 02/26/2017 5
Elli, I want to thank you for the extra effort and superior service you have provided me with. All the best!
Scott S. in USA on 02/10/2017 5
Thank you for all your help! I placed the order for one R2B converter & two of the refills you suggested. Exceptional service for such a small order. Very much appreciated.

Rick R. in Texas on 01/06/2017 5
Hi Elli,
I received the merchandise today, and was delighted to find four roller mount dealies instead of two and a pack of green Monteverde cartridges to augment the Schmidt refills. You are not only helpful beyond most anyone in the States, but you're also generous. I don't get to Canada much (one trip to Victoria BC several years ago), but if I'm ever in Alberta I'll look you up.
Wayne Caldwell, NC on 12/12/2016 5
Dear Elli, just received the pen and am thrilled. I have used it posted non posted; with both of the refills and have even reversed it to see how the heftier felt up front. Thanks so much for your great communication and help and especially for the pen. As Arnold said, "I'll be back"!
Best Regards
Dr. John Pepin, ON on 11/09/2016 5


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