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Bribri 2013 Limited Edition Ballpoint Twist Pen - 977 pcs - DB84500 Rhodium

Bribri 2013 Limited Edition Ballpoint Twist Pen - 977 pcs - DB84500 Rhodium
Availability: Special Order
Our Price: US$ 495.00
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Brand: Delta
Product Code: DB84500
Reward Points to Earn: 495

Bribri 2013

All of Delta’s collections in the Indigenous People series are the combination of the creative intellect and styling of famous architect Francesco Rienzi from Milan (author of drawings and graphics) and Delta. These concepts and ideas are impeccably materialized by Delta’s artisans into practical and striking writing instruments. Rienzi and Delta offer a perfect journey travelling around the world to rediscover all the indigenous peoples that are to some extent forgotten, but still firmly tied to their history, culture, tradition and religion.

Technical Characteristics

The barrels of these limited edition writing instruments are made from special Italian resin, turned by hand from solid bars.  The end of the cap is adorned by a medallion that, in relief, portrays an ancient breastplate of pre-Colombian goldsmith art.

The clip depicts a frog standing in a tree branch, (In the geographic area where the Bribri people are located there are more than 100 different species of frogs.) while the central ring reproduces a Bribri tribal mask.

These detailed parts are obtained from traditional metal fusion "lost wax" technique synonymous with pure craftsmanship, which is polished by hand and finished with plating in either precious rhodium or solid gold (depending on the version).

Brand Delta Italy
Series Bribri 2013 Indigenous Collection
Model Ballpoint Twist Pen
Item # DB84500
Filling System Parker G2 format Refill (Schmidt P900)
Price MSRP $495
Availability Now (for U.S. Customers); Special Order (for International Customers)

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