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Everything handmade from Antler Horn! Beautiful rustic functional art!

Everything handmade from Antler Horn! Beautiful rustic functional art handcrafted from naturally shed Deer, Elk, Moose or Caribou Antler.  No animal had to die for their beautiful antler horns! Looking for that unique gift for the hunter or outdoors person in your life? Why not take a piece of Nature home with you in the form of one of these antler Ballpoint, Rollerball or Fountain Pens, Fire Starter, Toothpick Holder Keychain, Game Call or something I will have to create yet. :) No two pieces handcrafted will ever be exactly the same, because the sourced antler changes even within the same antler rack, providing for different texture and coloration in each finished product. This is what makes every handmade antler pen or piece of art truly unique!

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El Toro Fountain Rollerball Pen, Chrome - Moose Antler Horn Handmade
Get a bit on the Wild side with this luxurious El Toro Compact Fountain Pen handcrafted on the woo..
US$ 125.00
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Southwest Turquoise Ballpoint Twist Pen - Custom Handmade
Custom made according to your wishes! Take a journey through the American Southwest with this intric..
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Stag Antler Keyring Fob Keychain - Handcrafted
If you like rustic and nature all in one, then this unique Stag Antler tip Keyring Fob Keychain mi..
US$ 15.00
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