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Cartridge-Only Mini Piston Ink Converter Pump

Cartridge-Only Mini Piston Ink Converter Pump
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enlightened Independent review of the Monteverde Mini Converter

Brand: Other
Product Code: 31072
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For refillable bottled ink.  Fits many 'cartridge-only' fountain pens such as Montblanc Greta Garbo, Retro 51 Cherry Blossom, Inoxcrom Agatha Ruiz dela Prada, Ohto Tasche, Pentalic Demonstrator, Little Havana, El Toro, J. Herbin Rollerball and Kaweco Sport.

A note about using the Monteverde Mini Converter with the Kaweco Sport: Because the connector for the ink cartridge in the Kaweco pen is very short, some writers find that the converter wants to “pop off” of the connector or does not seem to attach very securely. This can be remedied by wrapping tape around the clear part of the converter. Wrap it with tape once and check to see if it fits the pen securely. If not, try wrapping it with tape a second time and it should stay put.

  • Plunger extended: 5.78cm (2.25 inches) - (pen barrel needs to be long enough to accomodate the converter with plunger fully extended).
  • Plunger closed: 3.85cm (1.5 inches)
  • Diameter: 0.69cm (.25 inches).
  • The mini converter is plunger actuated, pull out the black knob at end to fill with ink.
  • International Standard Format

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