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Tips of Interest

#6 Large Fountain Pen Nib

It is interesting to know that the nib fits easily with the Noodlers Ahab pen. These pens come with a flex nib as standard and their ebonite feeds which are so much better, in my opinion, can easily be shaped by either hot water or gently holding  over a tea-lamp. The result is a much smoother experience with of course no flex as in a standard pen. This suits me fine and serves as an alternative to the other flex pen which is the same. I will email Stephen Brown, you may remember you checked his site and advise as useful links like this I want to share.

Comment by T. Marshall

Schneider Topball 850 replaces Hauser bill 707sf

I presumed that you preferred the Schneider Top Ball 850 because your website recommended them as a replacement for the Hauser refill! I cannot share an experience regarding the Schmidt refill, however I can say that so far the Schneider is a winner and far superior to the Hauser in term of writing smoothness and fine, clean lines!

Comment by C. Austin

Gucci Pen Retrofit

Thank you to the kind lady who helped me with my vintage Gucci pen refill problem on the telephone today. With your help I completed my "retrofit" with the Cross refill. Cotton balls do come in handy and I was able to "open" the end of the Sterling silver pen very nicely. Looks as though it was constructed that way! I do have to "tap" the refill back into the pen - but no big deal. Thank you again.

Comment by J. Styles