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Hauser Germany Open Ceramic 777f or 777sf Roller Refill

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MSRP : US$ 2.95
Our Price: US$ 1.95
Price in reward points: 100
5 or more US$ 1.75 ea
10 or more US$ 1.69 ea
25 or more US$ 1.49 ea

These usually sell in a 10-Pack for School use! How many should you order? If you write a letter occasionally, you may want to order 2 refills.  If you write on a more frequent basis, a minimum of 5 refills is suggested, and if you are a daily writer you will probably want the 10-Pack or more.

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Hauser has discontinued production of this refill! We are substituting it with the Schneider Topball 850 refill.
- Best-selling refill, always fresh guaranteed
- Fine, clean lines from solid 0.5 mm metal tip
- "Capless quality" no drying out even without cap
- Non-erasable ink available in 4 colors
- International Euro format ink refill fits many pen brands
- Length - 4 5/16" (11cm);  Diameter - .245" (0.62cm)

Brand: Hauser
Product Code: 77711
Reward Points to Earn: 2

The original Hauser Company has made some changes back in 2009 and discontinued the production of the Hauser Open Ceramic 777sf refill. Will be substituting this refill with the best-selling, quality german-made Schneider Topball 850 0.5mm as a premium alternative.  The Schneider ink refill offers Superior quality in writing smoothness from a solid 0.5 mm metal tip producing Fine, clean writing lines.  It also features special "Capless quality" ink which does not dry out even without placing the cap back on your rollerball pen.  On top of that, the ink is Non-erasable in the 4 colors of black, blue, red and green.  The popular International European format fits most pen brands.

  • Length - 4 5/16" (11cm);  Diameter - .245" (0.62cm)
  • Best-selling refill, always fresh guaranteed

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