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#5 Standard Fountain Pen Nib FINE - Iridium Point Germany

#5 Standard Fountain Pen Nib FINE - Iridium Point Germany
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These #5 Steel Iridium Point Nibs generally can be used on most Fountain Pens with a 5mm feeder. But they were specifically made for our handmade fountain pen models, and as such I can only guarantee them to fit our handmade fountain pens.

Brand: Other
Product Code: 5-NIB-F
Reward Points to Earn: 5

This #5 Standard Fountain Pen Nib is the OEM replacement nib for American Classic Flat Top fountain pens. If dissembled, the steel nib itself will also fit our Jr. Edition Pens such as the

Jr. Gentlemens, Jr. Majestic, Jr. Statesman, New Series, Venus, Vertex, Tycoon and many others.  Made in Taiwan or Germany.

While these nibs are considered "universal" replacement nibs, we are only able to guarantee them to fit our handcrafted Jr. edition fountain pens sold through this site.

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